About Us

AKAS Agricultural Products and Greenhouses Incorporated Company has started the tomato production in July 2014, after the completion of the first phachiefessays.net essay writer onlinese of construction in Afyon which is the most productive day light receiving city of Turkey.

This technological greenhouse project will be done in three phases. The first phase is 48.000 m2. It is planned to reach 260.000 m2 in 2017. High quality cluster tomatoes are going to be produced in the glasshouse, which is made with the Dutch technology and has geothermal climatization.
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The main aim of AKAS greenhouse is to offer naturally grown the finest tasted tomatoes to both domestic and overseas customers. In this perspective and with the aim of producing in other areas in soil-less agriculture, SEMAY Agricultural Products and Greenhouses Incorporation is also built right next to AKAS greenhouse.

SEMAY greenhouse is built with the same technology as AKAS greenhouse. It is spread in a 103.000 m2 area and planned to complete in two phases. The first phase, 58.000 m2, is completed in 2014 and started production at the same time with AKAS greenhouse in July. The construction of second phase is planned as 45.000 m2.

In AKAS and SEMAY greenhouses we are growing high quality cluster tomatoes in a natural environment, and they are packaged and transported to the customer.