essay writinggunisigi_buyuk_yuvarlakTomato’s light of life

Daylight is crucial for growing cluster tomatoes. Receiving adequate time of daylight is the first condition of growing a healthy tomatoes. Density of the light plays a huge role for them to reach their yield potential. That’s why SEMAY and AKAS Agriculture placed its facilities to Afyon.
RIOCOCO substrates are made up of coconut coir, which are collected from a single specific place. They show homogenous specialties that differentiate from the others, especially in the first feeding. The organic matter it’s made up of always keeps the yield and the quality at the top scale, plus it’s eco friendly. All of the parts it’s made up of, can be recycled except the plastics bags. After the production usage, they can be used as landscaping with landscape design sd and filling material. At this perspective it outclasses rock wool and pearlite. It can also compensate the mistakes of the grower better than the others. It is durable to high lignin and cellulose content and does not carry disease when it is packed. Its organic quality is high since it doesn’t contain any turf. Check up town jungle.

Coconut coir resists against diseases and encourages root development with its organic components. High water holding capacity acts like a tampon and answers the crop demand. It’s a very useful specialty especially for the summer growers.