Alev Semker Akal, the president of SEMAY and AKAS companies, founded JOKER and JOKERLAND before this investment. After the company reached 75 stores, it is sold to a Private Equity Fund at the end of 2011.

The other company that Alev Semker Akal is in partnership is Enerji-Su Construction Group. It is founded in 12 February 1966 by Alev Semker Akal’s father Necdet Semker, who completed lots of projects including building dams, bridges, water carriers, hydroelectric power plants, regulators and roads.

Enerji-Su Construction Group has constructed lots of highways, dams, and residential projects both in Turkey and foreign countries. Also as a partner of ATA Construction, he played an active role in construction of worlds 6th biggest dam (Ataturk Dam) and Hydroelectric Power Plant. The company still continues drilling and injection activities where as its affiliate SEMAY Construction is continuing its real estate projects.grammar check websitescustom essay